How can I add my loyalty cards to Stocard?




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    Ziyaad Perally

    I have all my loyalty cards in my wallet on my iPhone and there isnt any option to transfer or cooy these cards to your app! Instead you have to scan or enter manually - what a joke! Do you think people carry all these cards on them and if they dont they will have to find them, remove them from the wallet or write all the numbers in order to manually enter!!!

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    Isabelle van Capelleveen

    Hi Ziyaad!

    In order for you to import all your Apple Wallet passes to Stocard, Apple would have to offer such an import function in their app. Unfortunately, we cannot add new features to another app. However, we do offer this feature the other way around. If you have added your cards to Stocard, you can easily import them to the Wallet. 

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