I want to protect my cards in Stocard. Can I add a PIN code?

Yes, we indeed offer an additional security feature to protect your cards in Stocard! You can enable it the following way:

iOS: If you are using an iPhone which has Touch ID enabled (available on iPhone 5S and later) you can use your unique fingerprint to protect all your rewards cards stored in Stocard. To do that, please open your Stocard settings and go to "Additional Settings". Now you can activate our "Lock with Touch ID" feature. In addition to your fingerprint, Stocard will ask you to choose an at least 6-digit pin code as a backup option to access your cards for cases when you Touch ID is not working properly (e.g. when your hands are wet). 

Android: If you are using Stocard on an Android device you can enable the "Stocard Lock" in your Stocard settings under "More". Enable the Stocard Lock and your cards in Stocard will be secured with your device credentials. This means the pin code you use to access your device from the lock screen will now also be the pin code to access your Stocard app. 

Please note that the "Lock with Touch ID" feature will only be available in your Stocard settings if Touch ID is already enabled on your iPhone. Similarly, you will only find the "Stocard Lock" feature in your settings in Stocard, if you use an unlock method to access your Android device from the lock screen. 

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