Is Stocard available for my country?




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    Nice app

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    Vitali Golub

    Скажите можно добавить Молдову в список стран

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    Isabelle van Capelleveen

    Hi Vitali, 

    К сожалению, я не владею русский, поэтому, надеюсь, вы поймете, если я отвечу на английском: Thank you very much for suggesting Moldova as a new region in Stocard. I will note down your suggestion and we will definitely try to make this possible in the future. 

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    Andrejs Altincevs

    Hello! Please add Latvia!

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    Isabelle van Capelleveen

    Hi Andrejs, thank you so much for your suggestion to add Latvia as a region to Stocard! We'll definitely try to make this possible and in the future! 

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    Mamuka Piranishvili

    Dear Stocard,

    Thanks a lot for this App. It will be nice to have a additional feature, under the Regions menu of software, which will makes it possible to add manually a country, which is not in the existing list of countries, the country like Georgia.
    I think it will be also very useful to connect cards with the countries, it will make it easier for the traveller to sort the cards.

    Best regards

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    Solveig Miriam Brandt

    Hi Mamuka,

    many thanks for your suggestion! 

    We will definitely discuss your idea of making it possible to manually add a region to your Stocard app and will also consider officially adding Georgia as a new region to Stocard in the future! 

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