How can I add a card which isn't listed in Stocard?




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    Christian Alexis

    I want to add a customised logo, what are the right sizes for this image?

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    Isabelle van Capelleveen

    Hi Christian, 

    When adding a custom icon to your "Other Cards" we would advise you to use a picture of the respective card provider's logo as the card icon. The remainder of the icon will then automatically adjust its colour to the colour on the outer border of your chosen picture so that the icons for your "Other Cards" will look similar to the ones we automatically set for cards that were added via our database. The front and back picture of your actual card can be stored in the "Notes" section of each card instead. 

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    Rik Beeftink

    Title: "How can I add a card which isn't listed in Stocard?". This should be "How can I add a card that isn't listed in Stocard?". That (zonder voorafgaande komma) introduceert een beperkende bijzin, which (met voorafgaande komma) introduceert een uitbreidende bijzin.

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