How do I scan the barcode on my loyalty card in order to add it to Stocard?

After you have selected a card in Stocard you would like to add, the app automatically opens a screen that allows you to scan your barcode. Please hold the side of your plastic card with the barcode in front of your smartphone's camera. The app will then automatically read the barcode and create a digital copy on your phone.

Tips for scanning:

  • For the fastest scanning results the distance between the barcode and the camera should be approximately 20-30 cm/8-11 inches.
  • Please make sure to be in a bright environment for optimal lighting conditions. If the camera has trouble focusing the barcode please move your smartphone slowly back- and forwards and try to not move the card.
  • If, for any reasons, your barcode cannot be scanned you also have the option to type in the customer number manually or contact us at or


If the barcode scanner doesn't open at all, there might be a problem with the permission. Did you give Stocard permission to access your camera?

  • iOS: You can check the permission in your iPhone's system settings under "Stocard" -> "Camera". 
  • Android: Please open your system settings and go to the "Application Manager". Now, search for Stocard and go to "Permissions" -> "Camera".


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