The barcode could not be scanned at the store. What is the problem?

Unfortunately, scanning issues mostly occur due to older scanning technologies still used by some stores. Some devices (e.g. laser scanners or flat bed scanners) have difficulties reading smartphone displays. We hope to be able to solve this problem soon though as most stores will hopefully replace these scanning devices with newer image-based scanners in the course of their next cash system update. Until then, you could ask the cashier to type in the card number manually in these cases so that you don't miss out on any rewards points or discounts.

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    Patrick Duchesneau

    Well, forget about your "old technology" excuse. "Beep'n go" works perfectly at all stores

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    Richard Stevens

    I have tried to use this app in several stores and the cashier cannot get it to work

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    Isabelle van Capelleveen

    Hi Patrick, thanks for your feedback! Beep'n'Go was able to avoid this issue with older scanning technologies by utilizing the so-called Samsung Beaming Service. This technology directly transferred the barcode from your phone to the scanning device, thus making it possible to use digital loyalty cards also with older scanners. Since we are aware that Beep'nGo discontinued their service last year we have already reached out to Samsung in order to make this technology available in Stocard instead. Unfortunately, Samsung currently restricts the usage of their Beaming Service. Therefore, we cannot offer you barcode beaming in Stocard at the moment. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. 

    Best regards, Isabelle (Customer Support)

    Edited by Isabelle van Capelleveen
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