How can I enable the Stocard widget?


Android: On most Android devices you have the option to enable two Stocard widgets. You can usually find them in your widget section under "Stocard" or under "Card Shortcuts"/"My Cards".

Card Shortcut: The card shortcut widget allows you to have easy access to a card you frequently use. Click on "Card Shortcut" in your list of widgets and select the position for the widget on your phone. Now, you can choose one of your cards in Stocard. This card will then be connected to the shortcut and by clicking on it, it will open directly - without having to open Stocard beforehand. Alternatively, you can also add a card shortcut to your home screen by long tapping on the particular card in Stocard until the "Add to home screen" icon appears in the top right corner of your screen. 

My Cards: This widget shows you your added cards sorted by name, frequency of use or last used (depending on the card sorting setting you have chosen in your Stocard settings under "More"). You can choose between the "My Cards Big" widget which displays 6 of your cards with bigger icons or the "My Cards Small" widget which displays 12 of your cards with smaller icons. By tapping on one of the cards within the icon, the specific card will get opened in Stocard right away.




iOS: The Stocard widget on your iPhone gives you fast and easy access to your eight most frequently used cards. To enable the Stocard widget, please follow the steps below. 

  1. Swipe right on your iPhone's lock screen in order to display the "Today" view. Now, scroll down and choose "Edit".
  2. Scroll through the list of available widgets until you find the Stocard widget. 
  3. Please add Stocard to the Today's view by clicking on the little "+" sign next to the Stocard icon.
  4. The Stocard widget with your eight most frequently or last used cards should now be displayed in your iPhone's "Today" view. When you click on a card within the widget, it will immediately open the card in Stocard.



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