How can I add an icon to my custom cards?

You can add a card that is not listed in Stocard by adding it as "Other Card".

We will automatically generate a default logo for all your custom cards in Stocard. However, you can change this default icon by opening the particular card and choosing to "Edit". Now, you have the option to "Add Card Icon" (Android) or "Change Image" (iOS). We would suggest using the card provider's logo so that your custom cards look similar to the cards you added via our database. A front and back picture of your actual card can then be stored in the "Notes" section instead.

You are also more than welcome to suggest new cards to be listed in Stocard. Just drop us a note via or

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    Stefan Müller

    I've just tried it but I cannot change the icon on Android.
    I would like to replace the icon for Lufthansa's Miles & More frequent flyer card by a picture of it. So, the card would easier to regonize.

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    Isabelle van Capelleveen

    Hi Stefan!

    I'm afraid, changing the card icon is only possible for cards you added as "Other Cards" to Stocard. Cards that were added via our database will automatically use the card provider's logo as the card icon displayed on your Stocard homes screen. However, you can always store a front and back picture of your actual card in the "Notes" section in Stocard. 

    Best regards, Isabelle (Customer Support)

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