The app crashes on my phone. What can I do?




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    Julius Corpuz

    How can open my stocard, recently my touch button was damaged. Now it was asking for a pin code which I did not set up. I only use the touch ID. Is there a way to put a pin code.

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    Isabelle van Capelleveen

    Hi Julius, I'm sorry to hear that! Back when you enabled the "Lock with Touch ID" feature you were also asked to choose an at least 6-digit pin code as a backup option to access your Stocard app when your Touch ID doesn't work properly. I'm afraid, for security reasons we don't offer a setting to reset this pin code. You can only change it by disabling the "Lock with Touch ID" feature completely in your Stocard settings. If you then enable it again, you will be asked to choose a new pin code. If you cannot remember your chosen pin code, it might be necessary to reinstall Stocard. I sincerely apologise for the inconvenience. 

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